P.A.C.T. (an acronym for Putting Away Childish Things) is a collection of ten statements that help to mediate healing and recovery to those who experience broken sexuality. Such brokenness is often a childish reaction to a childish experience of sexuality (in turn, often arising from childhood hurts). In the P.A.C.T. group, members are encouraged to explore the ways in which they need to put away these childish things.

Before entering into the teaching that uncovers the ways in which this brokenness operates, applicants to the P.A.C.T. program are installed solidly into loving church families. Christ-centred times of fellowship and recreation help to build a bond of love and comfort between those who will be placed together in small groups as well as members of the broader Body of Christ. Once these broken ones are known in their selves by other Christians and committed to the corporate healing of the church, they are formed into P.A.C.T. groups, where the specific examination of sexual sin begins.

Each group is structured around worship and prayer, with a teaching on each of the ten P.A.C.T. statements. At the end of the ten weeks of teaching, the participants are encouraged to sign the P.A.C.T. statements with an accountability partner who will help them to uphold the statements as they walk out their healing. Following the signing of the P.A.C.T., continued support is provided by the ministry in the form of small groups and connections to further counseling or more in-depth healing ministries.