Are People Born Gay?

There is no evidence that homosexuality is genetic, but your personality does make a difference.

Despite what you have probably heard, there has never been any proof that people are born gay. (For a detailed exploration of the research done on this subject, read Chad Thompson's Loving Homosexuals as Jesus Would or visit some of the pages under "Links".)

Homosexuality develops for a number of reasons, and genetics is only one factor. Your inborn personality can make you more open to being gay, but it is the way you are raised and the things that happen to you while you're growing up that lead you towards being gay.

Homosexuality is what happens when you don't connect with other people of your own gender. If you end up feeling different from every other girl in the world or rejected by the other guys you meet, then you may end up identifying more with people of the opposite sex.

The drive for sexual and physical contact with same-sex peers is a symptom of the intense desire to be accepted by them.

All of this is confusing, and when you're dealing with sex, it's hard to see anything else behind it. Especially if you are a teenager, this may sound far-fetched. But trust me as someone who found out the hard way.

There are a lot of different things that can lead to homosexuality, including sexual abuse, rejection, a poor relationship with your parents, and your personality. For more on this, go to "Causes" under "Family and Friends".

It can feel like you were born gay if you have always experienced same-sex attraction for as long as you remember. But, the most important years of your life are those that take place before you can remember. A lot of the factors that lead to homosexuality affect us when we are tiny child. Other things in our home environment and school experiences lead us further down the path to being gay.

Remember that the Devil is smart, and he has been at you since you were conceived! The good news is that God can not only undo the damage; He can make your life even better because of it!