• Underground Rainbow

    This article first appeared in Redeemer University College's student newspaper, The Crown in May, 2002. In it, I make my first stabs at defining my sexuality and ministry to the local community. It is a fetal stage, but it is important for understanding the growth that followed.

  • Getting Over the Rainbow

    This article appeared in The Crown two years after "Underground Rainbow". It describes my journey out of a homosexual identity and into heterosexuality. Again, it is addressed to the specific community of Redeemer University College.

  • Lessons We Learn from the Homosexual

    This series is an early attempt to show my heterosexual friends why I found my experience with homosexuality to be spiritually beneficial.

  • Rumours of the Askani

    This article first appeared in the online periodical *catapult, a publication of *culture is not optional. It was written for an issue entitled "Odd One Out" dealing with the marginalized.