I have often said that there are few situations as difficult in this world as that of the repentant gay Christian. I can now expand that statement into the situation of the post-gay Christian as well.

The plain fact is that discrimination is everywhere -- even, and sometimes especially, within the church.

As a Christian or a gay person in this society, you are under attack and quickly become aware of this discrimination. As someone in the middle, you are fired at from both sides. The gay world hates you for wanting to change, and the Christian world hates you for being homosexual.

I suppose that I thought that if and when I finally reached heterosexuality the hostility would cease from the church. I was wrong, for the most part. Don't get me wrong, there are few things the church likes more than a good testimony to trot out in front of the pews. But it is another matter entirely when a post-gay Christian shows up in your office wanting to get involved in the church.

Since my shift to a heterosexual, post-gay man at the beginning of 2004, I have been turned down from every Christian job to which I have applied and not yet found a way into a church-sponsored ministry of any kind.

The truth is that discrimination is strong toward those "tainted" by homosexuality. Christian employers can't risk the public backlash, pastors can't risk the chance of a relapse or the stirring up of a painful topic within their congregations. I have many times sat across from a smiling face that congratulates me on my victory in Christ with a weak and superficial air. This more subtle form of prejudice is often more hurtful -- to feel that you are being written-off, condescended to, or pulled away from for the very thing that God has placed as a sign and wonder in your life.

If you are in leadership in the church, I urge you to be aware of the dangers of discrimination against your homosexual and post-gay brothers and sisters. The church is a congregation of sinners, and that is where our power lies. His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

The truth is that no matter where your church body meets, homosexuality is a vital topic for your flock. There are people in your pews who are struggling with their own temptations, their relationships with gays at school or work, the media's treatment of the issue, or their own fear.

Be a force for change and unity. Fight discrimination!