Few words are more feared or hurtful to a parent than "I'm gay". A child's struggle with same-sex attraction is often a period of intense fear, confusion, pain, and rejection for that child's family. There are no gasps of surprise in God's throne room, however. Neither are there cries of confusion. Through God's mercy and peace, dedicated study of the nature of your child's problem, a humble heart, a firm support network, and huge doses of prayer, your family can come through this period, however, into a strengthened relationship with God and each other.

As a friend of someone struggling with homosexuality, you are often lost and confused. You can feel paralyzed amid your love and good intentions through a lack of knowledge or resources or by your friend's walls and disclarity. It is a painful time for a true and devoted friend, to feel your loved one's pain and not feel able to help. The good news is that you are a crucial element in your friend's journey, and God pours His grace and favour out on you in appropriately large quantities. With a little study, a lot of prayer, and a patient spirit, you can not only help your friend but yourself as well.

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