Lessons We Learn From the Homosexual: Reliance

It is only a short step from Complexity, Need, and Surrender to Reliance, but it is an essential one. I have come to see that Radical Reliance on God is a bedrock for the Christian life. But as always, "most things true are simple and complex (Caedmon's Call)."

We can do nothing on our own. We can neither speak nor build nor love but through Christ's Spirit in us. What hope have we in setting our futures in place, our problems in order, our feet on the Rock? None. But we needn't.

Some years ago, the ubiquitous and nauseating WWJD bracelet was somewhat replaced with the slightly more palatable FROG bracelet. Fully Rely On God, these often-amphibianed bands proclaim. And as cloying as their message is, it rings true.

If you will allow an equally mawkish object lesson arising from this acronym, consider the following: frogs swallow by pushing food down with the backs of their eyeballs! This is one of those Dillard-worthy quirks of nature trivia that has always fascinated me. Because of this anatomical multi-tasking, the frog must close his eyes as he swallows (watch one, and you will observe the sinking in of the huge eyes as they perform their secondary task).

Likewise, should we not close our eyes sometimes to really take something in? To really be nourished? Is your focus on temporal and material circumstance frightening you from following God's lead and resting in His infinite care? Perhaps you should shut out such "practical" considerations and put your trust in the only place it can rest: Him. Swallow His peace and protection.

Maybe your problems seem "less" or "different" in your eyes than homosexuality. They are not. Just as the gay struggler often says that their impulses, desires, and tendencies impede them from God's fullness, your focus on the nuts and bolts of observable reality may keep you from His grace. To both camps (which are really one), I say Fully Rely On God.

A hard truth to swallow, but the only way to a leap of faith....