Why am I gay?

The next question deals with the scientific and psychological reasons that people are gay. But that doesn't answer the question "why me?"

You may never know.

It's almost impossible for us to figure out what God's up to in life. Usually, if ever do find out, it's after everything's back to normal. I can't tell you why you're homosexual. But I can suggest a few reasons.

Homosexuals have a unique view of the world. That viewpoint is important. A lot of good can come from loving discussions that allow heterosexual people to understand the gay worldview.

Homosexuals have unique gifts that the Church needs to do its job well.

Homosexuals are forced to think about their relationship with God and their own identity. Many heterosexuals would benefit from this kind of questioning, but they are never forced to look that closely. You can learn a lot about yourself, other people, sexuality, and God by working out your faith as a homosexual. Those insights are invaluable for the Church.

Some people are called to help other homosexuals. Not everyone who ministers to homosexuals is or was gay. Many are recovered gays, however. I have realized that by experiencing what it's like to be gay has allowed me to help millions of other gay Christians out there. That's reason enough for me!

No matter what reason you may someday find for your current struggle, one thing is important to remember. God did not make you gay. The world is full of things that are not God's will. They're results of sin. Homosexuality is one of those things, as is sickness, deformity, and mental illness. God did not want this to happen to you, but He will make wonderful things out of it!