Lessons We Learn From the Homosexual: Worship

"We really are creatures of worship." -- Andy Comiskey

Today's world struggles under the assumption that a life free of worship is not only possible but desirable. One very basic truth of humanity, however, is our built-in drive to worship. When that drive is perceived to be banished, it is in reality only debased. St. Gregory the Great said "If you do not delight in higher things, you will most certainly delight in lower things." That is our only choice: not to be enslaved through worship or not, but to be set free through worship or enslaved by it. Someone once said "The basic freedom you have is where to set your mind. It will determine every other freedom you do or do not have."

I see this clearly illustrated in that aspect of our persons we call our sexuality. Sexuality is, at base, an act of worship. It is a biological/psychological/emotional drive to bond with, idealize, and possess the Other. It is a nigh-irresistable pull toward that which is alien to us, which we do not understand, which we do not (in reality or perception) possess in ourselves. It is a more bodily manifestation of our innate drive for worship.

This worship, like all worship, is so easily distorted. The homosexual, feeling that they do not possess their own gender attributes, seeing their own sex as alien and esoteric, finds their worship bent away from its proper channels and, in a very real sense, into themselves in a way that can only distance themselves from that self.

While the psychological and spiritual processes at work here are complex (as are we), it can serve as a potent sign to us of our own created worship-nature. God has placed the worship-complex within us so that we will bend into Him and find our true selves. We, however, prefer to find other people, spirits, ideas, and things to sate our worship-selves. Leanne Payne remind us that "we will either practice the presence of God, or we will practice the presence of another."

Choose this day who you will worship.