Welcome to Underground Rainbow Ministries!

Underground Rainbow is an educational resource and gateway ministry for Christians engaging homosexuality in any form or manner.

At Underground Rainbow, we make the following distinctions.

Homosexual vs. Gay

We use the term homosexual to refer to people who experience sexual or romantic attractions, fantasies, yearnings, etc. for those of the same sex. The term gay refers to one who has accepted their sexuality as their identity, whether consciously or not. 'Gay' often carries with it assumptions about one's core being and a pattern of behaviour that links the gay person to the broader concept of 'gay culture', but the only real distinction is a deep-set belief about one's identity.

Ex-Gay vs. Post-Gay

The phrase in vogue around ministry circles is "ex-gay". People go to "ex-gay" ministries to become "ex-gays". A big problem with "ex-gay" ministries is that they do not produce heterosexuals as much as the produce "ex-gays". It is all too common for someone to "come out of homosexuality" and live the rest of their life among "ex-gays" and choosing that identity for themselves.

The problem here is with identity. That is the true problem behind all sexual confusion. If my identity is that I am "ex-gay", I am simply "not" something. A healthy identity should not be negative. Saying that I am "post-gay" implies that I have moved on to something else instead of getting stuck on what is sometimes called "the ex-gay plateau".

The biggest problem with ineffective "ex-gay" ministries and people who come through them unchanged is this focus on becoming not-gay. The majority of people run to these ministries to be changed now! It is a sad irony that no one can find healing when it is what they are after. A problem-focused approach will only feed into an obsession with the problem, and that intensifies the problem. The problem is a symptom that needs to be addressed, but we cannot run to God with a problem to be fixed and run off with the solution like all 9 lepers in one.

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. " -- Mark 6:33

The focus, clearly, is God. God in all of His majesty and sovereign power. We do not come to God to become "ex-gay". We come to Him to know Him and His righteousness, and the process leaves us irrevocably changed.

The experience of being gay remains part of my holistic complex identity, but only as something that I have moved past. I am no longer gay. And I am not only not gay. I am heterosexual, just the same as any of my friends. Through my journey with God, I am truly post-gay.

Sin vs. Sickness

Homosexuality is not a sickness. SIN IS.

We have a poor conception of sin. We think of the word in the plural. Sins. We struggle to overcome our sins. Homosexuality is often targeted as one of these (perhaps one of the paramount) sins. But God does not want to change our sexual orientation, as such. He wants to change our spiritual and perceptual orientation. He is always, in everything, calling us to radical ways of being, of knowing, of seeing, of acting. So we need a radical view of sin.

Sin is a sickness. It is much more useful to think of sin as an abstract entity like freedom. "Sin came into the world through one man." It is this sin that taints our life. Sin is the underlying, pervasive state of disobedience and separation from God. It is not the way you looked at that girl, the things you said to your mother, the lie you told your friend. Those are symptoms of the sickness.

It is, I think, a rather common maxim that you do not treat symptoms, but you treat the disease. Treating symptoms will not make the sickness go away. It may make life more bearable for awhile, but it will mean an endless fight against symptoms that never go away.

We have to treat the sickness of sin. When the root, broken hole of sin inside us is healed, our sins will no longer have a source from which to spring. Our outward life will arise from our inner healing.

Divine Diversity vs. Divest Diversity

We use an altered version of the gay pride flag to redeem and subvert the use of rainbow symbolism. One aspect of that symbolism is the celebration of diversity, and this is a truly Godly standard. We, however, strive of divine diversity, a idea that embraces each person's unique being in the heart and will of God without celebrating their sinful or broken expressions of the sin sickness. The world's idea of diversity is a divest, empty concept that simply calls each person to boldly proclaim their woundedness as their identity.